Plenty of Wildlife

We awoke yesterday  to another glorious morning on Moreton Bay. We launched our dinghy and headed for the shore to explore Blakesley’s. We were walking along the track when  a giant Goanna ran across the flat in front of us. It was huge, and boy was it moving. I don’t think I’d have a chance of outrunning one. Just as it disappeared into the bush I heard something in the tree above me and looked up to find another one running up the tree. I must confess that it was about now that I was thinking it would be a good idea to go home and have breakfast. I felt like we were surrounded, but we pushed on but I stayed very close to Geoffrey.


We intended to walk to the lake, but were thwarted by a Keep out sign, Trespassers will be Prosecuted, so we headed back down the hill to have a stroll along the beach.

There were plenty of mangroves, so we decided to go back to the boat and get the dip net and see if we could get a mud crab or two. After about an hour of paddling the dinghy around in the mangroves and the bugs and March Flies we gave up on catching any, but we did see this little chap pop up just beside us to say hello.20160226_100859-1


We eventually got back to the boat for a swim and Brekky/Lunch at 11.30 am. I was starving.

After Bacon and Eggs we headed off to Runaway Bay. No sailing today. We motored in and out of the sandbars and didn’t run aground once. Bonus!


We’d run out of refreshments the day before (bad planning), so we called in to quench our thirst with the locals at Tipplers Resort.


45 minutes was long enough with the Goanna, so we jumped back onto the boat and headed for Runaway Bay. We arrived at 4.45.  Just in time for drinks. Perfect Timing!



Looks like the birthday boy is happy to see us. He’s dancing a jig.



Well, we’ve set off on a trip to the Gold Coast on Sharman. We’re headed to our very good friends 70th birthday at Runaway Bay and Sharman has pride of place on his jetty for the festivities.
It’s lovely to be on the water. We haven’t been out for about 2 months.
After getting the house/dog sitter settled in and the groceries, bait and the all important refreshments, we eventually headed out of the Moolooloaba River mouth yesterday at 12.30pm.
We followed a couple of yachts out for the Wednesday afternoon yacht race.

We were a little apprehensive with all the talk about big seas from Cyclone Winston and thought we’d have an uncomfortable journey south, but we were pleasantly surprised with a lovely comfortable sail to Tangalooma. We anchored up just South of Tangalooma for the night.

It was a lovely flat night and we had a sleep in and Bacon & Eggs for brekky. It started to get a bit bumpy around 9.30, so we decided to up anchor around 10am.
Well, when you haven’t been on your boat for a while you can be certain that something will go wrong.
Sure enough the anchor wouldn’t come up (of course this is my job). The chain guide had broken off and the chain ended up in a tangled mess.”Help Geoffrey”. After securing the chain with rope so it couldn’t run out and take someone’s fingers with it, much hammering, pushing and pulling and a few choice words we eventually got it sorted and were on our way by 11am.


Oh the joys of working on a boat. I’m glad he didn’t ask me to get in there.
After all that, what a beautiful day we’ve had, after a very slow start of 1 – 2kn for about 45 minutes, the wind shifted and we sailed at 5 – 6 kn for most of the day. So here we are anchored up at Blakesley’s. Geoff is catching fish, I’m having a glass of wine and the roast pork is in the oven. Life’s good


Well, here I go writing my first blog.
I’m not much of a writer and it will probably bore you to death, but Hubby says it has to be done, and of course he’s right. We’ve been sailing for 15 years and I’ve never kept a record of any of it. Such a shame.
We’re going on a big adventure this year to Idonesia on the sail2indonesia rally. I’m both excited and scared.
So here I am totally out of my comfort zone writing about it.
I hope I can stick with it. I’m not known for my endurance, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Wish me luck!17241_1290314652168_4880689_n

Totally out of my comfort zone